How to Care for Your Rug in Winter

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The winter is a time for family, traditions, and trying to keep warm as the winter chill swoops in. It’s also a time for being proactive about maintaining and caring for your area Oriental rugs so that you can avoid rug cleaning in Atlanta. Here are a few tips on keeping those special rugs in top shape during the winter months.

Welcome, Welcome

Winter wet and snow make shoes sticky traps for dirt, mud, and leaves. Making sure you have a hearty welcome mat can be a lifesaver for these situations. Is it thick and bristly? If so, that means it’s that much more equipped to capture and trap that dirt and gunk so that it keeps the dirt from spreading on shoes throughout your home—including onto your Oriental rugs.

A Shoes-Off Policy

For certain phases of the season, it may be wise for you to have a shoes-off policy when someone comes into the house. This may feel like a strange request to make of visitors at first, but once you and they get used to it then it will prove to be a failsafe way to keep your rugs clean.

Vacuum Often

The more often you vacuum your home, including your rugs, the less debris and buildup you’ll have to deal with over time. Vacuuming regularly means that you’ll easily be able to prevent dangerous or damaging amounts of debris from effecting your area rugs.

Keep Plants Off

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If you have potted plants that you keep out of doors, and you’ve moved them inside to make it through the winter months, be sure not to put them on or too close to your Oriental rugs. Plants on top of Oriental rugs can cause the rugs to wet rot, which is a deterioration of the rug itself. No one wants that! So to save you the strife, keep plants far from these rugs.

Emergency Swap

If you find that a situation, or even the winter season itself, is too much of a threat to your area rug then you can always choose to switch it out for the winter months with a different rug. Especially if your Oriental rug is a much lighter color, it could be beneficial to have a separate color and style of rug that’s designated as your winter rug which you put out during the winter months in place of your regular Oriental rug.
As you consider these different ways to protect your Oriental rug this season, don’t forget to include a regular rug cleaning in Atlanta in your rug maintenance routine. Winter can prove to be a great season for it!

How to Pick the Perfect Rug

Living with hardwood floors can be so luxurious. Hardwood flooring can give you that warm feeling you’ve always been searching for in a home. But how warm is it actually? During the the winter months or cold spring mornings, that warm feeling hardwood isn’t feeling so warm at all. Not everyone in the family wants to wear socks all day, lucky for you, rugs exist. A rug can help add life to a room that might not have enough color or excitement for you, while providing warmth to your feet at the same time. But how do you pick the right one?

Measure, Measure, Measure

Rug Options

Before you go out and purchase a rug, it is important to have some internal plans. You want to know exactly what room, and where in the room you plan to place this rug. You also need to know the size of rug you are looking for. In order to do this correctly, measure the floor space that you want covered by this rug. Once you do this, you are ready to begin looking for rugs that appeal to your taste.
A rule of thumb is to choose a rug that is two feet shorter than the smallest wall in the room. Dining room rugs offer a different rule: they should extend approximately 18-20 inches beyond the table so that the dining room chairs still stay on the rug. You don’t want your guests to get their chair caught on the rug during the middle of your meal.

Figure out Your Budget

You might think that you’re just buying a rug, how much could it really cost you? The answer depends on the type of rug you are looking for. Rug sales throughout Atlanta vary on the design of rug that you purchase. Oriental and Persian rugs are very popular for hardwood floors, but they can cost you much more than a traditional rug that you would be able to find at any old chain store. Overall, you want to purchase the absolute best rug that you can afford. Proper rugs can last you and your family years, you just have to buy the right one. Experts claim that high quality rugs will wear and actually look better over time, giving your home a more vintage appeal.

The Other Side

Contemporary Rug in Living Room

Yes, you will be looking at the top of the rug all day long, but the bottom is just as important. Some rugs offer a very pleasing design on the top, one that you simply can’t pass up; but when you get home, you notice the rug is leaving you with nasty remains on your floor. The material on the bottom of a rug is important. They can leave unwanted dust, dirt, and even scratches on your hardwood flooring. Make sure you examine a rug from all angles before purchasing.

Benefits of Hiring a Rug Cleaning Specialist

When it comes to cleaning in general, it’s easy to jump to the obvious solution: I’ll just do it myself. However, with rugs, especially Oriental and Persian rugs, you may want to consider professional rug cleaning in Atlanta instead, and here’s why.

Rug Dusting Tools Available

It’s typical of a professional rug cleaning service that they will have specialized tools for removing far more of the dust, animal dander, and dirt that may have piled up within your rug. This is often achieved through rapid but gentle shaking of the rugs, which quickly and easily makes these rugs far more clean than a traditional vacuum cleaner is capable of doing.

Traditional Rug Bath Option

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Even more effective and gentler than the dusting tools is the use of a rug bath in specialized rug cleaning. The rug is fully submerged and cleaned delicately by hand, and afterward is rinsed off. This bathing process, if done right, is reminiscent of how Oriental rugs have been cleaned for centuries. When this method is used by a business, they typically also have a specialized drying room where the rug us hung and exposed to heated, dehumidified, and ventilated air, which works together to dry the rug quickly while not causing any damage.

The Assurance of Certification

The difference between cleaning your special rugs yourself and handing them over to a specialist is just that: they’re specialized in the matter. They know how to effectively and safely clean your rug because they’ve had to get special training and certification in how to do it properly. Or else, if they don’t have said certifications, then you should keep looking until you find a rug cleaning service that does. Trusting your rug to an expert means you don’t have to worry about accidentally damaging what is sure to be a high quality home accessory.

Carpets and Rugs Are Not the Same

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Hiring a carpet cleaner for giving your home interior a dust lift won’t do much for your rug. Although they may offer to clean your rug as well, it simply goes back to training. If they’re not certified in Oriental rug cleaning, then you don’t want to trust them with such a delicate and expensive home décor piece, no matter how well-meaning they may be or how convenient it may seem to have them fix it up.
For more information on rug cleaning methods specific to certain locations, you should contact your local services for rug cleaning in Atlanta to see what they have to offer. This is also a good opportunity to verify that these locations have the credentials that are needed to properly service your Oriental or Persian rugs.

7 Hacks to Take Care of Your Rugs

So you have a thing for Oriental rugs. It’s no wonder; they’re gorgeous. Protect your investment by using these 7 tips to take care of those beautiful, vibrant rugs.

Protect It

Oriental RugsFirst things first. Decide how you’re going to protect that rug from disaster. You may not be able to prevent every spill or all foot traffic, but you can place your most precious rugs away from the worst calamities (like directly under the table, for instance). You can also protect your rug by keeping it out of the highest traffic areas of the house and using a non-slip pad under it.

Vacuum It

Vacuum your oriental and Persian rugs frequently. Aim for about once a week, or whenever you vacuum the room that it is in. vacuuming removes dust and dirt and awakens the fibers of the rug after they have begun to flatten under use, too frequent rug care, or Atlanta humidity.

Spot Clean It

Don’t wait until your weekly vacuuming session to inspect the rug for spills. In fact, as soon as you suspect a spill of any kind (juice, food, dirt, makeup, etc.), clean it immediately! The longer a spill sits, the harder it will be to get out. Use clean white towels or tissues to blot as much of the stain as you can with water. Then use a clear detergent, spot testing a small area first to make sure the cleaner doesn’t damage the rug. And remember, blot instead of rubbing. (a few brands such as resolve or spot shot can cause more damage than resolution)

Beat It

Sometimes you need to do a little more than vacuuming. Quality rugs can have very dense fibers that cling to dust and dirt. Every now and then, hang the rug up outside and beat the dirt out of it with a broom or a baseball bat. Just don’t let it sit in the sun unless you want color fading.

Barefoot It

If you don’t already have people take off their shoes when entering your house, adopt the practice now. Nothing can disrupt your rug care routine (and carpet) like dirty, heavy shoes. Just leave them at the door. You’re going to take off your shoes anyway, so you might as well do it as soon as you come home.

Turn It

Why you should turn your rug once a year? Due to the regular foot traffic on your rug, this will ensure even wear. Rug experts recommend turning the rugs 180 degrees.

Deep Clean It

Rug in Need of CleaningMaybe as often as once a year, go ahead and deep clean the rug. Even if you’ve spot-cleaned all year long, some spots may have gotten cleaner than others and the rug may have a slightly uneven appearance. Hire a professional rug specialist to keep your rug looking great!

Protecting Your Investment: Why You Need a Rug Repair Specialist

Oriental rugs in AtlantaOriental rugs are collectible and cherished for a variety of reasons. They are an art form, and the rarer the rug is, the more valuable it is. Some rugs are one of a kind, others may be antiques. To maintain their beauty and value, there are specific recommendations to keep them looking their best. But sometimes, things happen, and the rug requires a repair. To retain the rug’s value and appearance, finding an experienced specialist in rug restoration and rug repair in Atlanta and its metro area is essential.

Worn Fringe

With hand-woven rugs, a component of their value is found in the knots used in their construction. Frequently, on the ends of the rug, those knots become loose and fall off, and this causes an unraveling of the rug that, left unresolved, could cause the loss of inches of the foundation as well. An untrained person may try to repair the edge and try to reconnect the fringe to the foundation either by hand stitching or machine stitching, but that can often do more harm than good. This practice could actually loosen additional knots, and soon, inches of your cherished rug could be lost. Contact a professional rug repair expert instead of trying to do it yourself.

Bleaches or Oxidizing Cleaners

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Using a bleach or oxidizer, like hydrogen peroxide, causes deterioration of cotton fibers, so never use these or any type of chemicals to brighten up fringe or any other part of a rug. If you incur a spill on your rug, blot, don’t rub. But if it doesn’t come out, consult a rug cleaning specialist. Have the rug professionally cleaned every 1 to 4 years to keep it looking beautiful.

Moths and Beetles

Moths and carpet beetles can eat away a rug within a year. It’s not usually the fiber they are after, but any contaminants—spills or pet urine—that soak into the wool or cotton. The most likely places these bugs hide are the underside of the rug, especially in parts of the rug covered by large furniture. Telltale signs of bugs feasting on your rug are white bare areas with the foundation showing through, or there may be a sticky lint and webbing. Consult a professional rug repair specialist if you suspect a bug infestation.

Pet Accidents

Not only does pet urine attract moths to your rug, it causes severe fiber and dye damage. Clean accidents immediately to discourage moths from feeding on your rug and prevent fiber damage. If you find fiber or dye damage, consult a rug restoration specialist who may be able to repair the damage.

Professional and Experienced Rug Specialists

Look for those businesses who are members of the Association of Rug Specialists, with an established history of cleaning and restoring Oriental rugs in Atlanta. Knowledgeable repair experts understand the importance of expert care for your rugs.

Great Tips for Buying Your First Rug

Rugs hang in a showroom

When you’re ready to step off of that old, worn out piece of carpet and up and onto your first real, high quality, antique rug, it can be exciting. Your home will suddenly look fancier, and you will walk just a little taller as you gently glide cross your beautiful new rug for the first time. Eventually, you’ll probably become very experienced in buying antique rugs, but your first purchase might be a little daunting if you are not forearmed with a little purchasing savvy. We at Sharian Rugs would like to share our expertise and experience on the matter to help you out.

Shop Where There’s a Large Selection

A rug dealer with very few rugs for sale can offer the novice rug buyer a false impression of how many great antique rug choices are really available out there. Admittedly, with fewer choices, decisions can be easier. With a full selection of rugs of all sizes and varieties, however, the novice can more effectively wade through the many choices to end up with just the right rug. Also, make sure the dealer has been in business for a while and has a good reputation.

Sound Like a Rug Expert

Before you shop, learn a few terms associated with the parts of a rug (e.g., central medallion). This way you won’t appear to be a complete novice, and the dealer will be able to more effectively help you find what you are looking for.

Measure the Room

Measure the room in which the rug will be placed. Bring a diagram along to help you determine which size rug will work best. Generally, a 2-3 feet border of empty floor space around the rug will work best.

Antique Investment

A beautiful room features an antique rug.

Rugs that are over 70 years old are considered antiques. Some rugs are made to look like antiques, but, of course, are not. Be sure to shop a reputable dealer where this won’t be a risk. Remember that antique rugs are purchased to make a home look good. That being said, the wool in your rug should feel soft and smooth. Avoid rugs that are dry and brittle. Some rugs are chemically treated to make then softer, but learn which regions in the world produce the naturally softest and smoothest rugs and try to find a rug imported from these specific countries.

Love Your Rug

This particular tip requires only your own special knowledge. That is to say, make sure you love the rug you end up taking home with you. This is the only factor of which your rug dealer cannot help you. Trust your own tastes and desires.

As a novice rug buyer armed with these tips you will be better able to sort through all the many great rugs in Atlanta and find one that fits your style.