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Rug Padding

Rug Padding

About Rug Padding

Rug cushions provide comfort and increase durability. For rugs on hard surfaces, Sharian recommends Durahold™ rug padding – a gripping underlay laminated with a rubber bottom that contacts the floor and a ridged, textured synthetic fiber upper layer that grips the rug. Rugs should be pulled tight over padding to help eliminate ripples and buckles. Pads should be cut such that the edge of the carpet touches the floor.

Sharian now also offers the Omni Rug Underlay. This new improved padding provides great stability for small rugs and runners with a lower profile for areas that height is an issue.

Rugs on carpet giving you trouble causing a tripping hazard, we recommend Teebaud Non-Skid Rug Underlay for rugs placed over wall-to-wall carpeting.

Unfortunately, we cannot always cut pads while you wait. Please call ahead to place your pad order – (404) 373-2274.

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