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Why am I scrubbing this rug by hand? 

Why am I scrubbing this rug by hand? 

(Part of our 9-step process)

Sharian Oriental Rug Cleaning and Sales

Recently, Sharian Rugs was tasked with a very interesting case. A client called me directly and requested a rug pick up of a large hand-knotted Bokara rug but said there were several stains. Like all good rug cleaners should, I begin to inquire about what caused the stains (Step 1 Pre-inspection). Their answer… blood! And before you ask, no this is not a murder mystery clean-up or mob hit but the source of the blood will be even more shocking… The actual source of the mystery blood stains… a local suburban whitetail deer! The deer had burst through a window in an attempt to challenge his reflection. In his haste, the shattered glass caused a severe laceration that resulted in an immense amount of blood loss, mostly on this rug.

After a good thorough dusting (Step 2 – Dry Soil Removal) through our 16-foot flatbed duster vacuum (or tumbling in our custom Turkish tumbler), we began the arduous task of stain removal (Step 3). I began with a heavy dose of natural enzyme pretreatment and allowed it to soak for approximately 30 minutes to break up all the dried blood. I then started to hand scrub the rug making sure to get all the foreign material out. After a proper rinse, we shampooed the front and back of the rug with a soft-bristled rotary shampoo machine (Step 4). We then soaked and flushed it again with cool fresh water (Step 5). The rug then travels through our 16-foot conveyor style Mor rug washing machine, which applies a gentle neutral fiber detergent and another full freshwater jet rinse, and finally through the compression wringer roller at 2500 kpsi that will squeeze the majority of the water out of the rug (Step 6).

The rug is then draped on a pole and gently lifted into our fully automated heated drying room (Step 7). The room maintains a 140° F, the optimal temperature for drying rugs quickly and efficiently. It can dry 150 room-sized rugs in a matter of hours. 

After the rug is dried, the fringes are detailed (Step 8), and the rug pile is groomed and softened. 

The last step is a final post-inspection (Step 9) to ensure the rug looks and smells great and that all the evidence has been removed. 

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