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Great Tips for Buying Your First Rug

Great Tips for Buying Your First Rug

When you’re ready to step off of that old, worn out piece of carpet and up and onto your first real, high quality, antique rug, it can be exciting. Your home will suddenly look fancier, and you will walk just a little taller as you gently glide cross your beautiful new rug for the first time. Eventually, you’ll probably become very experienced in buying antique rugs, but your first purchase might be a little daunting if you are not forearmed with a little purchasing savvy. We at Sharian Rugs would like to share our expertise and experience on the matter to help you out.

Shop Where There’s a Large Selection

A rug dealer with very few rugs for sale can offer the novice rug buyer a false impression of how many great antique rug choices are really available out there. Admittedly, with fewer choices, decisions can be easier. With a full selection of rugs of all sizes and varieties, however, the novice can more effectively wade through the many choices to end up with just the right rug. Also, make sure the dealer has been in business for a while and has a good reputation.

Sound Like a Rug Expert

Before you shop, learn a few terms associated with the parts of a rug (e.g., central medallion). This way you won’t appear to be a complete novice, and the dealer will be able to more effectively help you find what you are looking for.

Measure the Room

Measure the room in which the rug will be placed. Bring a diagram along to help you determine which size rug will work best. Generally, a 2-3 feet border of empty floor space around the rug will work best.

Antique Investment

A beautiful room features an antique rug.

Rugs that are over 70 years old are considered antiques. Some rugs are made to look like antiques, but, of course, are not. Be sure to shop a reputable dealer where this won’t be a risk. Remember that antique rugs are purchased to make a home look good. That being said, the wool in your rug should feel soft and smooth. Avoid rugs that are dry and brittle. Some rugs are chemically treated to make then softer, but learn which regions in the world produce the naturally softest and smoothest rugs and try to find a rug imported from these specific countries.

Love Your Rug

This particular tip requires only your own special knowledge. That is to say, make sure you love the rug you end up taking home with you. This is the only factor of which your rug dealer cannot help you. Trust your own tastes and desires.

As a novice rug buyer armed with these tips you will be better able to sort through all the many great rugs in Atlanta and find one that fits your style.

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