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7 Hacks to Take Care of Your Rugs

7 Hacks to Take Care of Your Rugs

So you have a thing for Oriental rugs. It’s no wonder; they’re gorgeous. Protect your investment by using these 7 tips to take care of those beautiful, vibrant rugs.

Protect It

Oriental Rugs

First things first. Decide how you’re going to protect that rug from disaster. You may not be able to prevent every spill or all foot traffic, but you can place your most precious rugs away from the worst calamities (like directly under the table, for instance). You can also protect your rug by keeping it out of the highest traffic areas of the house and using a non-slip pad under it.

Vacuum It

Vacuum your oriental and Persian rugs frequently. Aim for about once a week, or whenever you vacuum the room that it is in. vacuuming removes dust and dirt and awakens the fibers of the rug after they have begun to flatten under use, too frequent rug care, or Atlanta humidity.

Spot Clean It

Don’t wait until your weekly vacuuming session to inspect the rug for spills. In fact, as soon as you suspect a spill of any kind (juice, food, dirt, makeup, etc.), clean it immediately! The longer a spill sits, the harder it will be to get out. Use clean white towels or tissues to blot as much of the stain as you can with water. Then use a clear detergent, spot testing a small area first to make sure the cleaner doesn’t damage the rug. And remember, blot instead of rubbing. (a few brands such as resolve or spot shot can cause more damage than resolution)

Beat It

Sometimes you need to do a little more than vacuuming. Quality rugs can have very dense fibers that cling to dust and dirt. Every now and then, hang the rug up outside and beat the dirt out of it with a broom or a baseball bat. Just don’t let it sit in the sun unless you want color fading.

Barefoot It

If you don’t already have people take off their shoes when entering your house, adopt the practice now. Nothing can disrupt your rug care routine (and carpet) like dirty, heavy shoes. Just leave them at the door. You’re going to take off your shoes anyway, so you might as well do it as soon as you come home.

Turn It

Why you should turn your rug once a year? Due to the regular foot traffic on your rug, this will ensure even wear. Rug experts recommend turning the rugs 180 degrees.

Deep Clean It

Rug in Need of Cleaning

Maybe as often as once a year, go ahead and deep clean the rug. Even if you’ve spot-cleaned all year long, some spots may have gotten cleaner than others and the rug may have a slightly uneven appearance. Hire a professional rug specialist to keep your rug looking great!

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