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Protecting Your Investment: Why You Need a Rug Repair Specialist

Protecting Your Investment: Why You Need a Rug Repair Specialist

Oriental rugs are collectible and cherished for a variety of reasons. They are an art form, and the rarer the rug is, the more valuable it is. Some rugs are one of a kind, others may be antiques. To maintain their beauty and value, there are specific recommendations to keep them looking their best. But sometimes, things happen, and the rug requires a repair. To retain the rug’s value and appearance, finding an experienced specialist in rug restoration and rug repair in Atlanta and its metro area is essential.

Worn Fringe

With hand-woven rugs, a component of their value is found in the knots used in their construction. Frequently, on the ends of the rug, those knots become loose and fall off, and this causes an unraveling of the rug that, left unresolved, could cause the loss of inches of the foundation as well. An untrained person may try to repair the edge and try to reconnect the fringe to the foundation either by hand stitching or machine stitching, but that can often do more harm than good. This practice could actually loosen additional knots, and soon, inches of your cherished rug could be lost. Contact a professional rug repair expert instead of trying to do it yourself.

Bleaches or Oxidizing Cleaners

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Using a bleach or oxidizer, like hydrogen peroxide, causes deterioration of cotton fibers, so never use these or any type of chemicals to brighten up fringe or any other part of a rug. If you incur a spill on your rug, blot, don’t rub. But if it doesn’t come out, consult a rug cleaning specialist. Have the rug professionally cleaned every 1 to 4 years to keep it looking beautiful.

Moths and Beetles

Moths and carpet beetles can eat away a rug within a year. It’s not usually the fiber they are after, but any contaminants—spills or pet urine—that soak into the wool or cotton. The most likely places these bugs hide are the underside of the rug, especially in parts of the rug covered by large furniture. Telltale signs of bugs feasting on your rug are white bare areas with the foundation showing through, or there may be a sticky lint and webbing. Consult a professional rug repair specialist if you suspect a bug infestation.

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Pet Accidents

Not only does pet urine attract moths to your rug, it causes severe fiber and dye damage. Clean accidents immediately to discourage moths from feeding on your rug and prevent fiber damage. If you find fiber or dye damage, consult a rug restoration specialist who may be able to repair the damage.

Professional and Experienced Rug Specialists

Look for those businesses who are members of the Association of Rug Specialists, with an established history of cleaning and restoring Oriental rugs in Atlanta. Knowledgeable repair experts understand the importance of expert care for your rugs.

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