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How to Care for Your Rug in Winter

How to Care for Your Rug in Winter

The winter is a time for family, traditions, and trying to keep warm as the winter chill swoops in. It’s also a time for being proactive about maintaining and caring for your area Oriental rugs so that you can avoid rug cleaning in Atlanta. Here are a few tips on keeping those special rugs in top shape during the winter months.

Welcome, Welcome

Winter wet and snow make shoes sticky traps for dirt, mud, and leaves. Making sure you have a hearty welcome mat can be a lifesaver for these situations. Is it thick and bristly? If so, that means it’s that much more equipped to capture and trap that dirt and gunk so that it keeps the dirt from spreading on shoes throughout your home—including onto your Oriental rugs.

A Shoes-Off Policy

For certain phases of the season, it may be wise for you to have a shoes-off policy when someone comes into the house. This may feel like a strange request to make of visitors at first, but once you and they get used to it then it will prove to be a failsafe way to keep your rugs clean.

Vacuum Often

The more often you vacuum your home, including your rugs, the less debris and buildup you’ll have to deal with over time. Vacuuming regularly means that you’ll easily be able to prevent dangerous or damaging amounts of debris from effecting your area rugs.

Keep Plants Off

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If you have potted plants that you keep out of doors, and you’ve moved them inside to make it through the winter months, be sure not to put them on or too close to your Oriental rugs. Plants on top of Oriental rugs can cause the rugs to wet rot, which is a deterioration of the rug itself. No one wants that! So to save you the strife, keep plants far from these rugs.

Emergency Swap

If you find that a situation, or even the winter season itself, is too much of a threat to your area rug then you can always choose to switch it out for the winter months with a different rug. Especially if your Oriental rug is a much lighter color, it could be beneficial to have a separate color and style of rug that’s designated as your winter rug which you put out during the winter months in place of your regular Oriental rug.
As you consider these different ways to protect your Oriental rug this season, don’t forget to include a regular rug cleaning in Atlanta in your rug maintenance routine. Winter can prove to be a great season for it!

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